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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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remaining. second half. the winner faces kansas in the round of 32. carter was not able to hit. >> len: twice they've tried to go to carter and not able to deliver. keeping the door open for the hoosiers. >> chris: hartman is battling and battling even though he's undersized. >> marv: williams gets it into the corner. the three by ferrell. yogi ferrell, 22 points although extremely quiet in the second half. it is a one-point game as we approach two minutes to play. baker. pulls up. tries to go glass and drew the foul. >> len: perfect time for baker to assert himself because right now, indiana, they feel an opportunity, as two times down
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wichita state couldn't put the ball in the basket and they've seized those opportunities. >> chris: charles barkley talks about the you live by the three, you die by the team wichita state 23 for 27 they're aggressive going to the basket. >> marv: as you look at the infiniti schedule. >> marv: two free throws by baker. wichita state with a 74-71 lead.
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>> marv: good defense by wichita stte. blackmon. he is fouled. >> len: yogi ferrell got trapped down low. had nowhere to go in the pivot and good movement without the ball to bail him out. >> marv: james blackmon -- an 81% free-throw shooter. three of five here this afternoon. who is going to make the most shots? who has the most points in the second half? if your bracket's already is broken play the capital one ncaa march madness tournament run game ncaa passport
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com/tournamentrun. a two-point wichita state lead. the elephant in the room is the possibility of kansas-wichita state meeting sunday in the round of 32. >> len: interesting to watch the kansas fans remaining here they're standing up hand in their pockets, arms folded. >> chris: you're saying they have a vested interest in this? >> len: yeah secretly rooting for indiana. >> marv: that was a big missed free throw. here is baker on the drive. he's fouled. >> len: you've got to call something on that. >> chris: baker still being aggressive. he's not having the best shooting night. some guys could shy away from this moment. not want to score at all. he knows he's automatic at the free-throw line sees the bigger guy, the defender on him, tries to get something going to the bucket. >> marv: baker three for 13 from the field.
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four for four at the line. averages 15 points. he's the leading score fer wichita state and shoots 45%. 39 from three. >> len: today he's shooting a doughnut though. 0-5. >> chris: if you're baker, you're saying "i've got you guys through many games during the season. get me through this. numbers don't lie. i'll get back to my 45%. you owe me one too. >> marv: tom crean looking for shooting. collin hartman playing with four fouls checked back in. he can hit the three. wichita state up by four. 1:20 to play. in the second half. >> marv: williams. williams with a beautiful move. >> len: he got wessel up in the
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air and stepped by him. up and under. it couldn't come at a better time. troy williams 11 points. only his second field goal in 11 tries. >> marv: sophomore troy williams. 11 points 11 rebounds. a huge bucket right here off the fake against evan wessel. time out.
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>> marv: back in omaha, 53 seconds to go wichita state with a two-point lead. two time outs remaining. indiana in the double bonus. how do they play it from here? >> len: wichita state has to remain aggressive. they've got the ball in their part of the court. one-possession ballgame. stay aggressive. try to get to the free-throw line. certainly vanvleet can break down anybody. you start looking for open people. >> chris: bigs on either side. rebound the ball. no extra possessions for either team. >> marv: here we go. wichita state in possession. down to 45 seconds. got it inside. >> len: what a play. what a play. >> marv: cotton from carter -- tekele cotton with a big bucket. five-secondif dferential between
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the shot clock and the game clock, and a time out is taken. >> len: three to cross cotton and the mismatch. hello. it's hard for me to get excited about basketball when i've been programmed solely to provide sophisticated investment strategies. automatically monitori ng your portfolio and rebalancing it. that's what gets me excited. oh, and slam dunks. boom shakalaka. did i say that right? say hello at >> marv: back in omaha, it's been a good one, went at a fast tempo particularly in the first half indiana came out running
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and settled down in the second half. wichita state now leads 78-74. they were trailing for a good portion of the game. >> len: you take a look out of this time out, tom crean has to get his guys a quick shot regardless of what happens. it's a two-possession game. they have to foul. >> marv: this is ferrell. foul committed by evan wessel. >> len: why? >> chris: you said they were going to have to foul. >> len: indiana is going to have to foul. >> chris: exactly. i think the wrong team heard you. >> len: that's what i said. >> chris: wessel tries to step out and gets a little bump there. >> marv: ninth team foul. still one and one. yogi ferrell, 85% free-throw shooter, four for four here this
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afternoon. >> len: one possession ballgame no matter what happens, extend the game create more opportunities, more possessions. the more you you do that the greater the chance of wichita state making a mistake or you getting something miraculous. >> marv: darius carter back. zach brown sits down. two free throws hit by ferrell. 32.6 remaining. it's a two-point lead for wichita state. you can run the baseline. they're having trouble inbounding. a time out taken by gregg marshall of wichita state. very close to the five-second count. two time outs remaining for both teams.
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>> marv: indiana and wichita state. going to the final seconds. two-point lead for the shockers. >> len: if you're indiana, in the course of events you've got to go after a steal. but if you can't get the steal, you've got to foul immediately. wichita state, they're in the double bonus. you make your free throws you win. >> marv: baker gets it in. got it in to carter. baker being pressed. vanvleet brings it across.
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20 seconds remaining. the foul is given. >> len: that took a long time. you don't create enough opportunities if you wait that long. foul. he's been telling him to foul. i don't blame you, tom. >> marv: wichita state wanted the ball in the hands of ron baker. 75% free-throw shooter and six for six here today. 19 seconds remain. >> len: marv wichita state in the double bonus, you make your free throws you win the ballgame. >> marv: tekele cotton checks back in for wichita state so baker hitting the free throws. only three of 13 from the field. hits both. >> chris: need to keep an eye on hartman who is more than capable
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and their best three-point shooter. tom crean screaming "time out." >> len: not too many coaches more intense than tom in a tense situation. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. >> marv: marv albert len elmore chris webber lewis johnson, in a good one here in omaha. the winner will advance to the
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round of 32. going up against the jayhawks of kansas. should wichita state foul which they do not want to do it would be double-bonus time for indiana. >> len: right now they've got to play smart defense. keep in front of him without fouling. >> marv: off the mark from blackmon. baker coming up with the rebound. and you can hear the cheers from both the wichita state contingent and the kansas contingent. >> len: not as many kansas folks are standing up as wichita state. >> chris: you're going to give the kansas fans credit for clapping? did you see baker? he couldn't make a shot today but he says "i'm going to take these free throws and try to knock them down and help my team survive one more day."
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>> marv: i would think that fans even from kansas can want to see this game. >> chris: i'm sure. i see a couple of guys up there with their arms folded looking mad like a coach and they're on the kansas team. that goatee. i like that. glow in the dark goatee for you. how do you like that. >> marv: baker nine for nine from the line. 9.2 remaining. hits one of two. it's a five-point lead. final seconds of play. looks to get it off quickly. the three is way off. foul unable to hit and that will do it -- it will be wichita state and kansas meeting on sunday. these schools have not met since 1992. bill self has said in the past he's had no interest in scheduling wichita state. gregg marshall has always felt differently. the coach of the shockers says he's been trying for years to schedule a game against kansas
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and now they've done it. they will play each other. that will take place on sunday in what should be a classic. 27 points for fred vanvleet. the point guard for the shockers. zach brown career high 11. ron baker with 15. the final score wichita state 81, indiana 76. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division ♪ since horses gave way to horsepower valvoline's been right here. taking engines apart. making breakthroughs by hand. like valvoline full synthetic high mileage with maxlife technology. superior protection with 40% more anti-wear film than mobil 1. we introduced motor oil in 1866.
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thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v right now at 5:00 rain, sleet, snow pummeled the area earlier today. will that mess refree tonight? >> a prince george's county police officer accused of -- refreeze tonight? >> a prince george's county
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police officer accused of putting a gun to the head of a citizen over parking. but first we begin with breaking news out of southeast d.c. where a woman has been shot and two men cut on a metrobus. it happened they're the intersection of good hope road -- near the intersection of good hope road and 24th street. hank silverberg joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: that was the 92 bus that was headed to reeves center behind me. this was about 3:30 this afternoon and the bus was almost full. there was some kind of altercation between two men. fists were thrown. a gun was pulled. a shot was fired. it wounded a woman sitting on the bus minding her own business. she was shot in the leg. the two men got severe cuts and bruises. they're all taken to the hospital. those two men are in police custody. they're trying to piece it all together now. they have not yet found the gun and we'll follow up on that and see what happens. reporting live in southeast d.c., hank silverberg, wusa9. some of us saw snow.
5:21 pm
some saw rain, but it was a raw wet day for all of us. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now. top, what about the rest of the day? hopefully some relief and maybe some springtime? >> i think we can accommodate both those desires. tonight temps won't go below freezing inside the beltway. on futurecast at 8:00 we still have clouds, temperatures mid- to upper 30s and 10:00 36 in frederick and also in masses. if you're out super late coming home by dawn, you might have some slick spots well north and west. by midnight we're still above freezing, 35 in frederick, 39 downtown, certainly inside the beltway no slick spots at all. maybe frederick has some slick spots late tonight. looking ahead, on our first full day of spring we'll give the weekend on a whole a grade of c, probably c minus because it was such a miserable day today. becoming partly cloudy tomorrow milder, passing shower possible saturday night. another cold front comes through and cooler but still pleasant on sunday behind the
5:22 pm
cold front. we went for a trace to 6 inches of snow. that's what we got. we got 3.5 in new market, 1.7 in gaithersburg, almost 6 in hagerstown and we'll come back and talk about another storm next week. in an attempt to ease racial tensions on campus at university of virginia the department of alcohol patrol participated in a public forum today with the student council. after martese johnson's violence campus arrest late last week, the forum today. how did things go out there today? >> reporter: incredibly tense. several hundred students came here to attend that meeting, what was supposed to be a town hall style meeting with law enforcement with the justice department and representatives with alcoholic beverage control, but what it showed today is that racial tension is
5:23 pm
at an all time high. with emotions mounting students demand answers. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: law enforcement from charlottesville, uva, alcoholic beverage control and the justice department are put on the spot. the black student alliance dominated the conversation. >> i think it's [ bleep ]. >> it's hard for everyone and everyone just wants some answers. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: students in the mount are outraged after pictures and -- in the community are outraged after pictures and cell phone video surveillance faced of march tease -- martese johnson bloodied on the sidewalk. for charlottesville resident william rosberg it allowed him to vent his frustration with law enforcement.
5:24 pm
>> the stuff with everybody being scared of the police is insane. >> reporter: he said the trust was further shattered after a campus police officer put a protester in a chokehold. >> my oldest daughter was there and saw that girl got dragged away by her neck. it freak everybody out. i mean what do free speech and freedom of assembly which are supposed to be constitutional rights mean if a policeman can just walk up behind you, grab you by the neck, pull you away? >> reporter: the first question that was asked was why does this keep happening? that's exactly what students wanted to know and they said that they weren't satisfied with the answer. the charlottesville police chief says students have really had a hard time this year. three times uva has been in the national spotlight. in seven months he says their trust has been shaken. he says he's here to regain it. in charlottesville, virginia, surae chinn, wusa9. >> now martese johnson's attorney said his client did
5:25 pm
not have a fake id and was not intoxicated. now to prince george's county where a police officer is in trouble indicted today on six counts of misconduct in office, assault and use of a firearm in a crime of violence. bruce leshan is in bowie with the latest. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, jan. it took them almost a year to investigate, but the grand jury just indicted officer jenchesky santiago for allegedly pointing his service weapon right at the forehead and then at the mouth of a citizen who was simply trying to walk into his house here. jenchesky santiago all spit and polish looking every inch a police officer on graduation three years ago profession basic training, chief mark magaw at his side, but chief magaw said he had no idea what cause officer santiago to fly
5:26 pm
into this apparent rage and allegedly threaten a citize with his service weapon for no apparent reason. >> it's disturbing. it's unacceptable on this police department and it won't be tolerated. >> reporter: much of this is caught on a cell phone camera. william cunningham who i hads right here was pulled up -- who lives right here was pulled up out front getting dropped off by his cousin. officer santiago apparently pulled up, said they were parked illegally. when cunningham got out of the car and tried to go into his house, santiago allegedly pointed his gun at his head and then at his mouth and said we're pgpd. we shoot people. >> those are some of the comment that are very disturbing -- those are some of the comments that are very disturbing. this conduct is absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: but some of the residents feel they are frequently ha is raked by the police -- harassed by the police. >> i feel like it's a courtroom
5:27 pm
of all people. >> it's operational -- crime of all people. >> it's operational standard, operational procedure. >> reporter: three prince george's county police officers have faced assault charges over the last couple years, but both the police chief and the state's attorney say that that should not outweigh the good work done by the vast majority of the 1700 members of the prince george's county police. reporting live from bowie bruce leshan, wusa9. >> thanks. officer santiago could face 30 years behind bars on the first degree assault charge alone. breaking news regarding d.c.'s troubled h street streetcar project, a peer review of the system finds no fatal flaws that would prevent the streetcars from opening to the public. that review was conducted by the american public transportation association. the draft report is expected next month. the eighth street streetcar was expected to open late last year, but they've had a series of problems raising concerns maybe it will never open. winter gave us one more
5:28 pm
punch today making it a snowy first day of spring. it was so bad they shut down the schools in loudoun county. >> that's where peggy fox spent the day. and on is thstill snow on the ground -- >> so is there still snow on the ground? >> reporter: it's on the grass and roofs but not on the roads. this morning it was a completely different story. it was bad, bad enough to close school. martese johnson was joined by his attorney, older brother and mom who flew in from chicago to be with her son after his traumatic and bloody arrest by abc agents. >> the conversation resulted in my client being thrown to the ground, his head hitting the pavement. the officer's knees -- >> reporter: that was the story from yesterday down in charlottesville, the one surae chinn is down in charlottesville today as you heard her story and the update today on what's going on, but here i've been in loudoun county where we've had quite the mess this morning, lots of
5:29 pm
snow. loudoun county, it's very different here in leesburg. the roads were cleaned up pretty quickly, but on the western side there's a lot of gravel roads, it's obviously more rural and they have a much harder time out there. so they have to look at the entire picture when they're making a decision whether or not to close schools. let's see if we have that report now. we don't have it. back to you. we're out here and things are drying up and hopefully spring will be here soon. >> exactly, peggy. it's hard to believe it is going to be spring soon. 6:45 is when the official spring hits. how about snow totals further north? central pennsylvania could be shoveling out 10-inch of fresh powder and new york city another 6-inch of snow and boston an inch or 2 on top of that city's record setting 108.6 inches of snow this season alone. back on wusa9 with a disturbing new report on the ebola outbreak, internal documents obtained by the associated press show the world
5:30 pm
health organization delayed sounding the alarm last year by two months. the reason? one document shows there were concerns an emergency declaration would hurt the economies of african countries impacted by the outbreak. by the time an emergency was declared in august more than 1,000 people had died. the w.h.o. admits it was slow to respond to the the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day.
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the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay. wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models. did arlington county hold a deaf man for six weeks without access to a sign language interpreter? that's the allegation in a new federal lawsuit against the county sheriff and virginia
5:33 pm
department of corrections. garrett hake joins us live in the newsroom. you spoke to the man who claimed his rights were violated while he was held for a crime that did not happen? >> yeah, jan. this man grew up in ethiopia and never learned to read and write english but learned american sign language. this time last year he was homeless and had gone to sleep at reagan national airport to stay warm. >> reporter: flanked by his attorneys, abraham recalls the night last year when he was shaken from his sleep and arrested. >> i wrote a note please interpreter and they said no and grabbed my arms and put of them behind me and handcuffed me. >> reporter: -- and put them behind me and handcuffed me. >> reporter: airport security brought abraham here and he was here six weeks struggling to communicate. abraham would eventually learn he was accused of stealing an ipad whose owner eventually found it. in jail he was repeatedly denied access to an
5:34 pm
interpreter, missed meals for which the only signal was a loud speak are message he couldn't hear and even had to submit to medical tests that were never explained to him. he couldn't read the consent forms. >> i was banging on the doors. there's cameras there. i know it's on videotape. there's proof what they did to me. >> reporter: abraham pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was released on time served, anything he explained to get out of what had become his silent nightmare. >> i felt diminished. i felt like i was nothing. >> reporter: the sheriff's office which runs the jail won't talk about specifics of the case but says they provide all necessary services for inmates with disabilities. >> all i can really say is there are two side to every story and i think that's a very important message that needs to get out there, that in this particular case when all the facts come out, i'm very confident that the right thing is going to happen. >> reporter: abraham and his attorneys say they're confident, too and they hope that their suit sends a message
5:35 pm
to law enforcement about how not to treat people with disabilities. reporting live garrett hake, wusa9. >> the first hearing in the case will take place april . 16th a followup to a story we brought you yesterday, a group of business owners in prince george's county claim they're being locked out of the mgm casino. today mgm is speaking out telling their side of the story. ellison barber is live at national harbor with more. >> reporter: after apologizing for missing our call yesterday a spokesperson from mgm came to meet us at this construction site behind me to talk about their efforts to work with local minority run businesses. yesterday we introduced you to a group of local business owners and community activists who claim minority run businesses are being unfairly kept out of this billion dollar mgm casino at national harbor. we tried to speak with mgm and the primary contractors but were unsuccessful. mgm reached out to us after the segment aired and say those
5:36 pm
allegations are inaccurate. >> some companies may not qualify in other areas. >> reporter: they say this is a very competitive process, but the community benefit agreement is being honored and the project isn't complete. according to a company spokesman, mgm has hired 59 minority run businesses and will hire more before the project ends in 2016. >> we are going to hire as many local and minority businesses as possible on this project. >> reporter: we asked for a list to see how large these contracts were. mgm said it would be inappropriate to release that information but said mgm resorts as a whole ha spent $1.7 billion -- has spent $1.7 billion in hiring minority firms working on various projects. >> mgm as a company is very interested in working with, hiring and developing minority businesses certified by local entities. >> reporter: but these contractors believe they've been unfairly kept out of the current project and argue mgm
5:37 pm
was only giving minority businesses small contracts. >> those are not real contracts to us. >> reporter: mgm says this project is far from complete and have worked hard more than two years to make sure community businesses. >>ed what qualifications they were seeking. >> we are going to work with as many qualified local and minority businesses as possible on this project. we want to build this as a celebration of the community. >> reporter: we spoke to one local business who said they were awarded a contract and didn't want to old it us how much it was worth. it was a minority -- want to tell us how much it was worth. it was a minority owned business. it was a sizable amount. the spokesperson for mgm knew of at least one contract awarded to a minority owned business worth $10 million. returning to march madness and uva fans can take a deep sigh because the hoos just won
5:38 pm
their opening game against belmont. >> the official watering hole and the fans are before he it i pumped up. -- are pretty pumped up. >> reporter: this place is packed with woo-hoos wah -- with wahoos, uva fans. the crowd lived and died with every play. at times this party felt more like a dinner petition, but uva had a great regular -- party, but uva had a great regular season. it was one of those act like you've been there sort of attitudes. at the two minute mark uva started to separate from belmont and a win seemed increasingly certain. that's when these yahoos started to get a little rowdy. don't let the final score fool you. this was a close game and it is
5:39 pm
march madness. so every win should not only be a thrill but also a relief. i think there's a little bit of both of that in this room. >> some teams hope to win. uva fans expect to win. thank you. he lived just 3 blocks from life saving health but tonight a d.c. toddler is dead after choking on a grape. tonight at 6:00 the potential technology screw-up that called for crews who were just too far away. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, no umbrella needed the rest of the night. clouds hang tough. let's talk about spring, shall we? what is the vernal equinox? climate is all about the angle of the sun. the sun is directly overhead of the equator which means equal days and equal nights yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah,
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>> wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. a laundry list of ugly evidence ends way d.c.-based fbi agent indicted on 64 charges. investigators say 33-year-old matthew lowry tampered with drug evidence, kept seized heroin in his car and sometimes even took some of it. those charges forced prosecutors to dismiss charges against at least 28 defendants. lowry said his client plans to plead guilty and could face
5:43 pm
more than seven years in prison. in the past hour the fbi positively identified the black man found hanging in mississippi as otis byrd. he had been missing two weeks. an autopsy report is expected next week. a yemeni branch of isis is taking responsibility for attacks that left 147 people dead in yemen, 345 injured. four suicide bombers carried out the attacks at two mosques during midday prayers. the friday gatherings are traditionally the most crowded time of the week. in an online statement isis called the attack a blessed operation again dens of shiites. sentencing of the beer pong rapist was postponed today after hiring a new lawyer, but the mother of one of the victims said her son is depressed, not talking and
5:44 pm
possibly suicidal after poindexter got him drunk and molested him. they're asking he be locked up for 200 years. investigators say witnesses tell them a link on hit a mustang on gw parkway forcing the mustang off the road. the mustang rolled over the road, burst into flames and killed the driver. the people in the lincoln took off. if you have information, police would like to hear from you. topper will be back with what we can expect the rest of the night. >> coming up a march madnes i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get
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always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> clouds are in place and they're holding tough. with all the precipitation it's gone. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperature 37, dew point above freezing. it should not go below freezing tonight at least inside the beltway and winds northeast at 13, still kind of a miserable night as winter exits in about an hour, but no refreezing except for the far northwestern suburbs in the predawn hours.
5:48 pm
so gaithersburg northward and leesburg north and west, inside the beltway just wet roads tonight. saturday, first full day of spring. it will feel like it, some early clouds and milder, sunshine. sunday will be a little bit cooler, cold front moving through tomorrow night, maybe a couple sprinkles, a couple showers. futurecast 10:00 tonight we have clouds, but everyone is above freezing, 39 downtown, 36 manassas, 37 in leesburg and frederick. by morning at 7:00 we still have some clouds around and temperatures again mainly above freezing, certainly inside the beltway, maybe 31 or 32 in gaithersburg. if you're walking to get the paper early tomorrow morning, be careful. then by afternoon sunshine returns, back in the 50s, mid- 50s down toward manassas and around 50 in the burbs. by evening we'll be around 60, maybe 62 in manassas, 64 in culpeper, upper 50s to mid-50s
5:49 pm
north and west of us up toward frederick, still an acceptable first day of spring. 36 to start, few early clouds, 39 at 9:00, 47 at 11:00, 54 with sunshine by 1:00 on the day planner. next three days, shower saturday night, cold front, cooler sunday, 53, passable and only 51, almost chilly monday, a few clouds monday night as well. next seven days chilly on tuesday, 50. clouds come in wednesday but 60. right now looks like rain and showers thursday but milder and clearing out friday and turning a little cooler again. we had ourselves a few major upsets yesterday and the madness of march goes on and on today, two local men's teams play today and the women's local tournament goes on tonight. >> the georgetown hoyas were victorious last night. hey, dave. >> reporter: what's going on?
5:50 pm
it's quiet out here, really a practice day. so nothing going on except for those guys who just went running through the fountain. guess you got to get a bath somehow, right? eastern washington georgetown, everybody had this as an upset pick. in fact, you remember i asked this question, posed it yesterday. would this be another groundhog day performance for the hoyas in the ncaa tournament? we got that answer late last night, early this morning, an emphatic no. >> it definitely was like we said all week. we heard the comments their coach said and their players said. it was a personal game. we wanted to come out there and crush them. >> reporter: georgetown's performance thursday night was part mind and muscle. they faced a long ball assault by the nation's leading scorer and his mates and they with stood it. >> they took a lot of tough shots and made a lot of tough shots as we knew they, would but we with stood the run and it worked out in our favor. >> i told the guys we need to
5:51 pm
come out and have a chip on our shoulder regardless who we play. >> reporter: freshman bradley hayes brought the brawn. the 7-foot tower of power was just bigger than everybody else and eclipsed his season high point total in less than a half. >> before the game there was some talk they was having on social media and on tv and whatnot. that kind of hit me personally. i knew if i wanted to get my number called, there was something extra i had to show. >> once he got going, his teammates got excited. >> reporter: georgetown advancing to the round of 32 tomorrow against utah. meanwhile virginia way tussle today. the no. 2 seeded wahoos having all they can handle with the dangerous belmont bruins. my man, fabulous frank hanrahan on the scene. what do you got for us down there, man? >> reporter: dave, it was a little stressful for virginia fans, but they leave here at
5:52 pm
the time warner cable arena chanting wahoos and uva, a victory over a very pesky belmont team. it was good to see justin anderson back. he was hobbled by this bad finger as he tried to lead this uva team farther than last year in the sweet 16. px mario schiaff with the dunk. another steal and easy bucket for virginia as they were only up 62-60 with about four minutes left. they clamp down and get the victory 79-67. virginia now advances to the third round and will face michigan state. this is a team that knocked out uva a year ago. they'll play on sunday. virginia advances, the latest from here, much more at 6:00. for now let's send it to dave. >> reporter: boy, virginia
5:53 pm
versus sparty, what a great match-up in the round of 32. let's move to the women. we always expect maryland to make noise this time of year, but tell you what. the george washington colonials are having a heck of a year. they've won 27 of their last 28 games and they're in the ncaa tournament for the first time since 2008, what a great story this is for the george washington colonials, no doubt about that. there aren't many teams men or women playing better than them. 27-28, wow, for their efforts a trip out here next to me about an hour down the road to corvallis, oregon, to face gonzaga. >> everyone bought into what his plan was and everybody knows what their roles are on the team and what all of us bring to the table. just being locked in on that and understanding how important everyone is and just bringing it all together.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: that was johnquelle jones right there. beejay anya capping a furious round over lsu. anya went to dematha. he told reporters the play wasn't for me, but i just thought it was time for me to take a shot and that he did. wait till you see the reaction from his classmates down in raleigh after that one. that's fun. a lot going on today, much more coming up in about 35 minutes. back to you in the studio. i'm going to take a shower in the fountain. what do you think? >> i think the a terrible idea. >> don't get that jacket wet. >> dave is armed and extremely dangerous with a whole pass paskkel of jackets he's brought -- passel of jackets he brought along for the ride.
5:55 pm
clearing out the mental fog known as chemo brain, simple exercises that could help patients improve memory up next. >> reporter: after strong statements about a palestinian state before his reelection, israeli prime minist
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
house speaker john boehner will spend part of his spring break in israel. his spokesman said the trip was in the works before prime minister benjamin netanyahu won a fourth term and it comes as relations between the obama administration and netanyahu continue to deteriorate. >> but the prime minister could be making moves to mend fences with white house. susan mcguiness reports netanyahu was changing his tune just days after declaring there would never be a palestinian state. >> reporter: two days after a sweeping victory in the israeli election prime minister benjamin netanyahu is backtracking on a major declaration he made days before the vote. he asserted should he win, there will be no palestinian
5:58 pm
state. >> i haven't changed my policy. >> reporter: in an interview with msnbc netanyahu brushed off those comments. >> i don't want a one state solution. i want a sustainable peaceful two state solution, but for that there must be change. >> reporter: in a phone call president obama reaffirmed his commitment to a two state solution despite netanyahu's latest remarks. >> word matter and it does prompt the administration and policymakers here to reevaluate our approach and thinking to these issues. >> reporter: the israeli prime minister's opposition to a nuclear deal with iran has been another point. on thursday netanyahu softened his position on the deal saying he could live with iran keeping some uranium centrifuges.
5:59 pm
the u.s. and five world powers have set an end of march deadli framework for a deal that would in part eliminate iran's ability to build a nuclear weapon for at least a decade. >> in return for the deal the u.s. would roll back some of the sanctions imposed on iran. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> new tonight at 6:00 d.c. fire and ems launched an internal investigation after the death of a toddler who choked on a grape. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. that incident happened a week ago. the little boy was rushed to the hospital, but he died yesterday. andrea mccarren is live outside engine 20 in northwest which should have responded to this case. >> reporter: this fire station is just 3 blocks from that boy's home, yet no one was ever dispatched from here. instead another station
6:00 pm
responded, one that took more than seven minutes to get help to that little boy. as a cloud of grief hangs over the family in this northwest washington home, d.c. fire and ems reflect on their actions the morning of march 13th. while the toddler choked on a grape it appears a 911 dispatcher sent paramedics from engine 31 at this connecticut avenue station to the warren street home, a distance of more than a mile. >> the closest available unit should have been dispatched, absolutely. >> reporter: it appears that didn't happen, though it's not clear why. engine 20 in tenleytown just down the street was never called. >> they were a paramedic engine company at that time. >> reporter: they were in the house? >> they were in the house. >> reporter: according to the department 911 received its first call at


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